For Customer Service or Editorial Support:
1. Customer Service
Call AP Customer Service anytime to report a technical or product issue or for
general AP customer support. Or Click here to report an issue. A customer support
representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Inside United States: 1-877-836-9477
International: 212-621-7361
Report an issue: Click here
Guides and Tutorials
2. Editorial Support for Print or Broadcast Customers

For comments, questions or ideas on AP’s news reports, please contact you local AP Bureau or
an Editor or Writer at AP Headquarters at 1-212-621-1500 or use the menu below:

AP Bureaus
AP Broadcast Customers
AP Global Broadcast
1100 13th St. NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005-4076

AP NewsPower+, AP Online Video, APTN, AP NewsPower MAX, AP Radio
News, and AP GraphicsBank operate out of the AP Washington

To contribute video or audio or news tips, call (800) 994-2788.

Questions about editorial content of the broadcast wires? Call
the National Editor at (202) 641-9730.
Repeats of national and international broadcast wire copy? Call
the Deputy National Editor at (202) 641-9731.
Questions about AP Online Video material? Call (202) 641-9800.
Questions about AP Radio News material? Call (202) 641-9820.
Refeeds of AP Radio News material? Call (202) 641-9820.
Questions about AP GraphicsBank? Call (202) 641-9780.
Business News is (202) 641-9755.
To reach Broadcast Sports, call 1-800-368-5915.

AP Broadcast regional desks can be reached Monday through Friday
between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. at:

Northeast: New York -- 1-800-338-APNY (338-2769)
Southeast: Miami -- 1-800-338-APMF (338-2763)
Calwest: Los Angeles -- 1-800-338-APLA (338-2752)
These numbers are for member stations only. Please do not give
them to the public

If you wish to E-mail us on non-urgent matters, please send
radio correspondence to radionews(at) Television
correspondence can be sent to tvnews(at)

3. Guides & FAQs
Help Section and User Guide

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